Player Shops And Currencies Suggestions

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  1. 1) I noticed that the article on shops and currencies doesn't mention anything about limiting how many of an item can be sold to you through the use of 'dirt padding', or placing a single dirt block in the remaining chest slots.

    I feel this may be a useful addition and help new players control inventory.

    2) There is also a bug where you cannot sell if you hold a solid block in your hand. Through the game client, right clicking with a block tries to place it, unless you are blocking the placement, in which case no block is attempted to be placed and no sale occurs. This would be worthwhile to mention on the wiki because it can be confusing for new players when they go to sell and it doesn't sell. I would simply say to ensure your 'hand' is empty before a sale.

    3) Information on where signs should be placed and valid placements is not mentioned. A common issue involves players having a sign in front of a chest (attached in front of it), but above another chest, and assuming the sign will work for that chest. (This setup is becoming common because hoppers are used to drain inventory into the lower chest.) Players generally assume that the sign will affect the chest it's attached to, but it in fact affects the chest below it. Similar confusion can occur with a chest above and below the sign, where some players assume both can be bought.

    4) It should be mentioned more clearly to use /iteminfo more often. Many shops try to sell 'Melon' when they are really trying to sell 'Melon Blocks', as an example where it's best to use /iteminfo even if you think you set the shop up right.
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