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    Hello Empire! I've come up with a neat little idea for EMC. I originally ment this to be for my server, but my server has no users and isn't up yet :p So I decided to continue it but for EMC. It doesn't have to stay on, and Justin doesn't have to add it, but I think it would be a neat little addition.

    Basically, what it does is allows you to type /search Online.
    It will then show you the players online on that SMP, and then you can click a username and it comes up with a little window at the side that has some statistics on that player. Basically, these:

    Res Number:
    Shop: (Link to their EMC shop database here, if they've registered it)
    PM this player:

    I scrapped the mod a few weeks ago, but i'll be willing to carry it on if I can get some more members on the team and if Justin and ICC approve it. So lets try and spread this out to some mods! :D

    Team (So far):
  2. Also, to register a shop you could type /register shop (res number). It would only work if you created the shop's DB page.

    OR you could type /register shop (Database page link). This one won't work as good because it would require more work.
  3. Wouldn't the /p [username]
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  4. yep, you could do /who and then /p *insert playername from the /who list*
  5. Or just hold tab.
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  6. I'm thinking of making that the way to go. It saves alot of space and coding and stops lag, and makes use of it also, other than seeing who's online. But it would still be better with the window :confused:
  7. /p username does that without the drop down window.
  8. Yeah, I just said that i'll merge that in. I'm going to ask Justin to test it out on the servers for a week, so I can get feedback as to whether or not people like it.
  9. Looking for people to work on this with me! PM me if you want to! :D However, you have to have a mod of your own, like I do. & I have to view it.
  10. There's also /who [server] for complete listings of who's on a server. I can see the res numbers and shops (using the new shop system) working if integrated into /p though.
  11. Yeah, i'm trying to think of new features to add. Like more stats, and seeing their TEXP (I don't see a use for that anymore) and their supporter rank (only works if they don't talk, because your name tag goes blue if you're a diamond supporter, so a kind of useless feature)
  12. Sent it to ICC. Hopefully I get a reply by tomorrow! :p