Player Head Trading Service

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  1. Greetings, I am trying to collect player heads for my Hall of Skulls @18772 on SMP9, I have set up a trading service where I offer you items when you donate your player head in my shop. I plan to offer up different items for player heads, and will update this thread as I do. My current offering is:

    1 - silk touch/efficiency 2 diamond pick for your player head (must be yours)

    Upon receiving your player head (only one trade/head per person) I will set up an access chest with your name on it in the shop where you can pick up your item.

    Trading area in shop @18772 - SMP9

    Be immortalized in the Hall of Skulls:

    Hope to see you up there! :D:D
  2. Bump for heads - thanks to Hallandr721 my first customer :D