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  1. Hi guys! Today, I decided to tell you something a little different! So, everyone in Minecraft knows that that they play their way! But, there's something about EMC that makes that amazing! It's the custom mobs, items, landforms, events, and so much more to explore in EMC! We're all gonna see it soon! The staff members and developers who do a lot to the server to make it as great as possible! This is the thread that we're gonna thank them! So, let's start off with Thank You, EMC.....

    You come up with the best custom mobs! Thank you! My favorite is the Marlix because it is strong, powerful, and drops items nobody has ever heard of! I remember meeting it for the first time, and it reminded me of how the developers coded it! Thanks again, Developers!

    My favorite event is the FireFloor! I love the game so much! I love how they code it, and make it work. I love how RainbowChin just hosts it so well, and I love how the game works! It's amazing how they do it. Thanks Developers and Staff Members!

    My favorite item is the "Thank you HelloKittyRo From Empire Minecraft". It shows that the empire sees us voting, and they watch us. This tells me that they're thanking us for what we did, after thanking them as much as possible. Thanks Staff Members for delivering it to us!

    My favorite landform is /ws on smp2. I love it because it's were I found my first Marlix, and my first wilderness I ever went into and got lost! It has so many biomes on one side of it, and my favorite biome is the sandy biome because it's were I found my first Marlix!

    My favorite Smp is smp2 because that's my home Smp. I got lucky! I spawned on the Smp with the admins! Apparently, I was a special member! But, I love this Smp because it's unique in every way! Thanks EMC for creating my home Smp!!!!!!

    Well, that's what I think of EMC. Unique, Kind, and a one of a kind server. Thank you EMC, you've done a great job. Now, I'm off to vote!!

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  2. No comment......But I love the Marlix!! He is the flying superman of minecraft.
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  3. Yeah!
  4. The only problem I have with the Marlix is the like Punch infinity on its bow, when it hits you, you go flying like 500 blocks, other than that, I love it!
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  5. Average time taken to kill a Momentus: 3 minutes
    Average time taken to kill a Marlix: 1 hour

    Results were taken from L1K34K1NG, difficulty set on 7. Average was calculated based on the added time of killing 100 of said mobs, divided by 100.
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  6. Time taken to kill a momentus 20 seconds
    Time taken to kill a marlix 5 minutes :cool:
  7. The wording of this thread left me wondering what the heck you were talking about :confused:
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  8. Of difficulty 7 it takes roughly 45 seconds to kill momentus, and for marlin about 4-5 minutes. So...
  9. Marlix: 3 minutes