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  1. Tonight I couldn't connect to as the server address. I have always used that address and it's worked fine until now. I was just wondering if it is no longer a supported IP.
  2. there was a I usually do or do the shortened ones now :p

    "main" can be replaced with smp1-smp9 or utopia
  4. I figured it got phased out when the switch to happened... can't be sure though.
  5. If thats right then I wouldn't of been using it for the past few weeks.
  6. It may have something to do with the ip changes *around the website*, maybe Justin didn't renew it or the DNS just didn't work fine for it.
  7. What's
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  8. It's the first (old) EMC url address from which you could connect to the one and only server EMC had in the past :)
  9. play.. main.. D: what is this madness?! I always put the SMP or Utopia XD
  10. The first address was It then got changed to (both still worked) when smp2 was launched. Shortly thereafter all servers received the smpx prefix (with the obvious exception of utopia) and the two aforementioned addresses were phased out.

    At some point during my absence they added the shorthand, but I choose to stick with the old school addresses.
  11. Me too
  12. Ah thanks
  13. They must be from before our time. I have always had to put in the number as well.