plants uprooting?

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does this happen to anyone else?

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yes 9 vote(s) 52.9%
no 8 vote(s) 47.1%
  1. so, i have noticed, in my small wheat farm, that my plants uproot. i plant them, and they either pop back for me to pick up, or disappear altogether. i have lost about 6 saplings and 20 seeds from this, and i'm not asking for reimbursement, i just want a fix.
  2. light maybe? i have had a problem like that too, so a few torches near the farm should fix it :)
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  3. its lighting like bobert said above just need more light and it will be all better
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  4. my farm is well lit and it still does it
  5. Solution:
    "Let there be light! That was God, God I was quoting there."
    -Wheatly, Portal 2
  6. jumping on them uproots them too...
  7. Try putting water near them.
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  8. its happened to me too like mrlegit said put water by them
  9. i know that but i am not jumping on them
    thare is
  10. Are you walking on them? Jumping is not required to disrupt the growth. simply walking on the wheat will trample the soil and kill the crop.

    You need to have water within 4 blocks of wheat for it to grow.

    If you are setting up a farm, I can show you how if you'd like.
  11. :)
  12. Not true. They will still grow. What you suggest, though is a more efficient way to grow wheat. :)

    If seeds/saplings uproot themselves it is a light issue. I recommend a minimum light level of 10.
  13. That is actually wrong this is the correct format for maximum harvesting abilities;

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  14. I don't think this is the case anymore after a past update. Lately, I can walk on them all day long and they stay fine as long as I don't jump.
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  15. maybe it is light, there needs to be a lot of light.
    ok final resort: did you till the soil. i have had that problem quite a bit, never did figure it out till 1.2.4 came out.
    im kidding obviously.
  16. accidentally trampled some yesterday simply by walking. :(
  17. sprinting might still wreck them though, i wouldnt do that.
  18. Jumping only will trample them.