Plants growing slowly on Smp8

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  1. All the things that grow such as wheat, sheep and saplings take much longer than the normal time to grow. Why is this?
  2. probably someone lagging up the server
  3. The problem is that it's all the time. They have been growing slow for a very long time.
  4. Solution(s): Get OptiFine
    Put more lighting around farm
    Do /entcount on your res and make sure you don't have max entity count.
    Ask neighbor res's about animal lag
    Get better Internet
    Restart Minecraft
    That's all I could think of. Try doing all of them :)
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  5. ^to add to saj's list: stay in the chunk your farm is in, it will grow faster.
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  6. EMC runs off spigot. Which is a modified version of craftbukkit++ and craftbukkit++ is a modified version of bukkit.
    Normal bukkit will grow wheat, trees and other things within 10 chunks of the player. Craftbukkit++ makes it so that these things only grow within the same chunk as the player. Spigot does the same.

    So it's not a problem.
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