Plans for building new parkour @ 3891.Any ideas?Reply here.

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Costs or no costs?

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Yeah,we need costs for prizes 10 vote(s) 66.7%
or no,i'm rlly bored,I don't need a prize. 5 vote(s) 33.3%
  1. Now I will officially announce to EMC's players that I will make more parkours.This one will be huge.It will go like
    This time though,It has a cost so i can pay for prizes.
    -Single time: 1r
    -5 person pass: 25r
    -Daily pass: 12r
    -Yearly pass:500r
    -First,you have to get your timing right on A sort of piston trampoline.
    -next,you have to jump through a straight bridge,of course,with some gaps in it.Nice try.
    -then,you have to jump 100 blocks upward,then plummet down to an underground cave I dug out.
    -which is about 150 blocks.
    -down there,well,that is what takes a simple parkours to new levels.
    -You jump up,down ,and straight,while experiencing all kinds of traps(some of my own design,and some inspired by our buddy lord H3r0br1n3)
    -herobrine chest trap
    -herobrine lava trap
    -pyramid TNT traps(if i can get diamond supporter)
    -Alert traps
    -diversion traps
    -origional pitfall
    -telepad trap
    -closing door trap
    THEN THE THIRD LEVEL are going down.welcome to the herobrine level.prepare to be d-e-a-d DEAD.
    -These traps are like no other,even though you probably don't want to try this,I can't say any more

    ------------------ ------------------


    |||||||| ||||||||
    |||||| |||||
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  2. BTW I have finished level one of the parkour.I expect that level two will not come till next week,and level three a
    Little while after.
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  3. Sounds cool!
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  4. can visit my residence to see it,but you cannot play it.:D
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  5. This is pretty cool, I hope to check it out soon :)
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  6. By the way,on my herobrine thread
    I said I didn't plan on making it fact

    I WON'T :D
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  7. I'm sad to say you didn't help me much,but I clicked like anyway. :D
    Please come see it and vote at the top of the page.
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  8. I voted yes, thanks :)
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  9. I could be your diamond supporter
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  10. Really gabe?if so,I will supply TNT and stuff.Any other help I need you to do Can also do.
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  11. This is off topic but do you think i should color my text?
  12. Sure.that is off topic.but do you color text anyway /:)
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  13. Well.... Its really hard to explain....

    Good job and i hope your parcour becomes a big success!
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  14. Thanks, I spent all morning on the generator making blocks to use LOL.
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  15. By the way,if I can figure out how to upload screenshots,I will put them on a thread in community creations forums.
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  16. Tonight I am spending another hour making the parkour. Any last minute ideas for level 2?
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  17. Everybody please vote! I need more votes in order to see what I should do with this challenge!

    And if you want,click on the like button XD
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  18. Oh, yes , please swing by my res 3891 and donate rupees heading toward paying for all the stuff needed for the parkour.
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  19. What kinda of stuff? Diamond blocks? :p
  20. I said rupees didn't I?
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