planning on building a store :D

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  1. On saturday i am going to build a store that sells food and material really cheäply only i need some ideas for what to sell :)
  2. Food and materials, possibly?
  3. R u doin this for a joke or are u bein a douche?
  4. A bit of both, actually.

    Sell whatever people are asking for. Do some market research and see what the top selling items/blocks are. Have to be patient, can't expect your store to take off right away.
  5. I'd assume as a joke, Phil. The questions relevant, however, are A) do you already farm any crops or animals to make food? If so your food offerings should probably coincide with what you can sustain. And B) Are there any materials that you regularly aquire, such as wool, cobble, seeds, wood? I'd think the best route to take would be to start out selling things that you often find yourself having a large amount of, so your store stays stocked, then branch out from there as you have the time or resources.

    On a side note, I'm noticing that most of my posts always sound super formal. I'm not entirely sure why...
  6. Thanks raenis your information has helped a lot :)
  7. Just trying to be helpful. :D
  8. The day I made my store it took of immediately and I made over 6k in the first day.
  9. Well isn't that the success story of the century. I didn't say it wasn't possible, you just shouldn't expect it to take off right away. People expect to make a load of money right off the bat, then get discouraged when they don't.