[Planned Future Event]The Levers of Math, Frustration, and Doom

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Would you like to try and play this in the future?

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  1. While taking a break from gathering materials to make money(for short, slacking), I tinkered around redstone stuff and invented/created a game(not sure if I'm the first one to do this) that involves Math(I know, everyone hates it), time limits, and getting your mc avatar some exercise!

    While the game is still in the early alpha phase, I would like to know what the EMC community has to say/what they feel about the game. It would be a nice motivation for me to actually do it all the way if someone will actually play it!(because really, why take all this effort put into evil for nothing, right?)

    The rules of the game can be quite complicated, but I'll try to explain the best way that I can, and if you have any questions/comments, you can always reply to this thread, and I'll read them all and reply to your inquiries afterwards!

    The game goes like this: The player will enter the Locked Room A, inside there can be any number between 10-20 levers inside, which, given the right combination, will open the doors to the Locked Room B that has the chest holding the prize. The way to get the code is by solving a mathematical problem(Example: 284+3491=?), but it won't be that easy, no sir! The numbers will be served to you in different bases(Example: 9+1=10 in base ten, also known as decimal, but it can be served to you in base 3, which means 2+1=10, binary, base 7, hexadecimal, or any base I would be able to think of), which you will have to convert back to decimal so you can solve it easily. After you get the decimal answer, you'll have to convert it back to binary, since levers only has on and off states. After you've put it the combination which you think is correct, you'll have to press a button labelled CONFIRM to lock in your answer, which will open the door for you if you are correct.

    The game takes a very evil turn by the extra 'quirks' I have added:

    1. Inputting an incorrect answer, and pressing the confirm button will retract the floor that you are standing on, leaving you to fall on a tp floor, bringing you outside of Locked Room A
    2. Oh, you had the binary answer to my locked door? Guess what, the levers' order is jumbled! While they'll have signs to tell which lever it is (8th, 10th, 15th), it'll make your life a bit more harder :D
    3. There are so many fancy equation solvers on the net, and it would be no fun if you used one, so I'll force you to move inside minecraft! There will be dispensers, holding arrows, pointed to weighted pressure plates on all 4 corners of the Locked Room, and you'll have to collect the arrows shot out of the dispenser, because if too many arrows are shot to the weighted pressure plate, it'll have enough signal strength to retract your floor, giving you the same fate in (1.)
    4. There will be a time limit, which will vary depending on the 'difficulty' of the equation and number of levers present. When time runs out, floors retract, game over.

    I planned this game to be free of charge, and I will pull the prizes out of my own pocket, but in the future, people can also donate to add to the pot, which will make the game more motivating to play. I will also ensure that the difficulty I'll set will not be impossible, as it will be tested by a moderator beforehand(I have asked B4DMAN5IMON and ItsMeMatheus about the validity of this). I would also kindly ask the moderators to watch over the game, as it will probably be a weekly event with a time slot that I'll add if we ever get that far. I might also put a "baby version" of the game in another residence for people to practice on. The prizes will be much smaller than the ones in the "full version", but it'll come from my own pocket, still.


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