Planetary Annihilation

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  1. I dont know if anyone else has seen this game, but after spending the last hour watching nothing but alpha game play,I can say this game might become as popular as Minecraft.
  2. I'm totally going to buy this...
  3. its 90$ on steam. i might have to wait a long time for it to lower the price, im not exactly rich :p
  4. Dylan I thought you left.
  5. And now for something completely different!
    (First one to tell me what that's from gets 100r)
  6. The machines and fighting looks extremely similar to the Supreme Commander series.
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  7. it looks like simcity mixed with star wars mixed with minecraft mixed with a cool art style i like it but $90 WHAT?!!??!
  8. your paying for the alpha, beta, and the full game. its alot of money, but totally worth it when it comes to a game like this. i can see this game taking off and surpassing minecraft.
  9. This looks cool, but maybe a bit over priced, but I'm yet to see more videos.
  10. The reason it is $90 is because of the Kickstarter that funded its development pre-alpha.. You had to pledge $90+ to get access to the alpha-testing.. But alot of people seem to be upset about its pricing still but are blind to other things like how much they spend a year blindly paying subscription fees for games like WoW and such.. <,< ..I am pretty sure this $90 price tag effectively pays for 3 fundamentally different versions of the same game.. Could you imagine if Mojang had done something similar with Minecraft, I mean by making us pay for Alpha, Beta and release separately instead of buying the game at whatever point in development for whatever discounted price and not having to purchase it again like they did..
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  11. Thank goodness MOJANG are jerks... That would be so bad! But they're awesome and Minecraft is awesome in EMC is even better :D
  12. Monty Python.
  13. search youtube for the gameplay videos. i spent all day watching them..
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  14. Correct.
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  15. are you like a physic or something? :eek: