Pixie here, come say hi!

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  1. Hello, everyone, My name's Pixie, otherwise known as Salaria_Uchiha.

    I try to be as kind and generous to all that I can, and I hope you are the same to me.

    I've been a gamer for most of my life (21 years, if you're curious). I became a part of the Empire a week ago or so, and I am AMAZED at how friendly everyone is to each other, how everyone follows the rules, and all the great builders here!

    I play on SMP4. /server smp4

    I have a shop at /v Salaria_Uchiha and my house is a really nice medieval style building. I'll try and keep my prices low compared to the other shops, but everyone is competing for the rupees, so yeah.

    Also, I love collecting Heads, particularly Player Heads and Zombie Heads. So if you are feeling generous, could you maybe donate a head by dropping it in the donation chest hopper in one of the corners of my res?

    Also, if anyone ever feels like selling their res, by giving full perms to someone, just message me. I need a separate res for my Head collection.

    Thanks everyone, bye! Hope you play with me in SMP4!
  2. Welcome! :D
  3. I have a res you could buy ;)
  4. Welcome to EMC. :) I'll donate a head next time I'm on.
  5. Welcome to Emc and I come by to look at your res when smp4 in the future.
  6. Welcome to the Empire! I will try and make it over to check out your home, I love medieval style homes. :cool:
  7. :cool: Welcome to the Empire! :cool:
  8. Welcome to EMC, hope you enjoy your stay in EMC :D.
  9. Welcome to the..
    Well have fun.