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  1. Got any Pixelmon players here? And if you do not know that that is, then...

    Discuss. :)
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  2. I've played it a little bit, but all the servers I found were money pits/laggy.
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  3. Im installing the mod now, I really want to see if my computer can handle it lol.
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  4. Very true, I only use them to play with local friends.
  5. Yeah, I plan on playing solo but my PC can hardly run regular minecraft so im gonna see how much worse this makes it....
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  6. So apparently I run pixelmon better than 1.7.4 on EMC.... :confused:

    I chose my best buddy mudkip for this journey!
  7. I play, i would recommend a good server but..... cant, i know of a few that exist or will soon. would anyone that has a personal server want to do a community play and compete against each other? just an idea, i am not a big fan of playing alone which is why i am on emc often
  8. Imagine if EMC made a set of Pixelmon servers... *3 months later* Perfect team made, super rich, and gained well over 20 pounds from sitting in a chair all day.
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  9. Sounds like paradise to me lol.