1. Hey guys, Bedfordfamily here! If you are looking for any pixel art to be built, then I am probably the place to go! I have made pieces before on EMC, and a few on singleplayer. If you would like to see my work, here is the link the imgur album >>> http://imgur.com/a/XlJ8x <<<

    The first pic is a diamond I did for SenpaiMC on smp9. The second is a giant koala I did for deathconn on smp7. The third pic is a one piece flag (without the background) I did for wild_daisy_33 on smp9. The horse and soccer ball I made on singleplayer.

    I will continue to keep this album updated with my latest pixel art, though I will probably not edit this thread with the latest.

    If you would like to hire me to make some pixel art for you, comment below or PM me details.
  2. I need pixel art on smp1 704. i will show you a pic of what i might want.

    thanks, <3 it make take you some wool so make sure to go to /v +woolmart on smp5! <3
  3. Great I'll do my best. I'll PM you a pic of what it will look like once I have sorted it out :3 What size is it?
  4. I have no idea. just make it a size you think is best;)
  5. whats the biggest size available?
  6. IDK :p
  7. ugh how much space is there?