[Pixel Art] Pyro Jack !

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  1. I'm making my first ever pixel art from the Shin Megami Tensi Franchise, Pyro Jack.This Demon is mostly all of the games including,my favorite series, Persona.I'll post updates...
    I will need your help by donating wool and clay block at 1984!
    Blocks Needed:
    -Light Grey

    Clay Blocks:
    -Clay (Block Form)
    -Light Blue



    Update 1:

    Update 2: Hat

    Update 3: that face ~_~

    Update 4: The Lantern and the fist
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  2. I have quite a bit of wool - just tell me what colour, and I might can supply you
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  3. From the pictures I need: Orange ,Green and Lime wool
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  4. I saw this, and I immediately thought you had made a giant pixel art of a hamster holding a flame thrower. :p
  5. ...and done :D
  6. *UPDATE* List of Stuff I need...
  7. *UPDATE* Update 1
  8. *UPDATE* Update 2: Hat
  9. Sorry to bother, but what texturepack that be?
  10. It would be a modified texturepack of FVDisco (oCd)
  11. *UPDATE* Update 3: that face ~_~
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  12. *UPDATE* Update 4: The Lantern and the fist