Pixel Art Creation Contest!

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  1. Hello everybody! I know there's quite a few contests out there, but lets hope you can cope.
    I won't draw this out too much, just keep it to the point.

    This contest is one of pixel art, any type. Be it 2d, 3d, 4d, whichever!

    You may enter in 3 different ways, posting a screenshot on this thread, sending me a screenshot through a pm, or telling me a residence number to visit.

    Judging will happen 10 days from now Dec 14th from the time this is posted.

    And that's it!

    There will be 3 'ranked' and prize winning entries.

    1st place-10,000 rupees

    2nd place-5,000 rupees

    3rd place 2,500 rupees

    Be sure to ask me any questions, as I may have skipped quite a bit in hopes to keep this OP short.

    ADDITIONS: I'd like this to be on EMC, be it in the wild, town, or elsewhere on an Empire server.

    I will take donations, and each donation will be spread equally throughout all the prizes.
  2. Can we build the pixel art anywhere or does it have to be on a EMC server? Can the pixel art be in the wild?
  3. Great point! I'd like it to be on an EMC server, but it can be anywhere on it
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  4. I would like to judge.

    Name: Ninjaboy5656
    Reason why I should be chosen: The reason that I should be chosen as a judge is because i will have an unbiased opinion of everyone's creations. I am also trustworthy as you may know and if you need proof ask kev. :p
  5. Tardis.jpg This is my 3-d pixel art of a TARDIS at res # 3004 ;)
  6. And it's multi-functional too. ;)
  7. Here is my pixel art i made it in 5 mins

  8. Come to 19239! I have built most of the mods! :3
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  9. Ok, so, I dont let people on my res XD, but I have a spider jockey pixel art, just go to 1 of my neighboring res's (6168, 6166, 6225, 6117) My res is the giant dirt/cobble/wood/glass pane mansion with the spider jockey on top that says "EMC PWNS" above it (there are beacon light tower thingies coming out of the spider butt XD)
  10. Come on guys, we need more entries and judges!
  11. Well, my residence has officially been open to the public! (6167) You can check out the pixel art there and judge it! (Its on the roof)
  12. Pixel art is my specialty. Go to 2422 and see some examples. Also this: 2012-12-04_19.18.09.png
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  13. Alright, all you (1) judges, sorry but I think I'll be making a poll of sorts to vote for these.
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  14. Name: Jay2a
    Why I would like to be a judge: I love pixel art and seeing what everybody has made. I will not judge my own entry.
  15. I am soooooo in. Gimme' a few days to create my entry.
  16. Just to clarify, you said judging will be on Dec. 14. Does that mean you'll be taking submissions up until that point?
  17. Even if you don't judge your own entry, I'm not sure if you can judge as well as enter.