Pixel Art Contest!!!!!

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  1. 1 month to create any 3d pixel art on emc it can be your skin, a minecraft animal, or just plain random!

    to enter post 4 screenshots of the 3d pixel art. 1 in the front, 1 in the left side, 1 on the back, and 1 on the right side.

    once again pixel art MUST BE 3d

    1st place: 50k and 64 diamonds
    2nd place:25k and 32 diamonds
    3rd place: 7k and 16 diamonds

    donations: accepting all donations just
    pay chrisisaboss91 i need prize money

    RULES: make your pixel art on your res and enter it to me with the screenshots (read above) and your res # with the pixel art so i make sure its on emc. MUST BE YOUR PIXEL ART

    have fun and listen to rules!
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  2. would you like them personal messaged to you, or would you rather have them posted here, you weren't specific about that., at least i don't think you were.
  3. i would like it if you posted the screenshots and res # here :D
  4. utopia 5268 ( i think ) i was going to get on to check, but it seems the empire servers are all down.. :mad: anyway, i will let you know if that number is correct. but, here is my art work.

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  5. 2012-07-23_23.17.26.png 2012-07-23_23.05.10.png 2012-07-23_23.12.36.png
    My Creepers at 4040
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  6. When does this end? I have a WIP pixel art...
  7. well I think Iamfuturetrunks still has his flippin amazing dragon if he does we all out of luck :p..

    If not I'll see if I can whip up a nice thing :D
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  9. this contest end at the end of august to give players some time ty for the pixel art so far your all doing great! :)
  10. May it be on SSP? I have tons of building materials on my single player world.
  11. Are those gold blocks, Battmeghs? O_O
  12. no it must be on emc
  13. :p well thats the hard part
  14. hey faithcaster i need movement for ur res
  15. ive checked battmegs and faithcaster
  16. Zeke1o0o and I built this, not in Town, but it is on EMC:
    The statues are 3d, but the sign is only one sided. Let me know if you need to see the other sides or need arrangements to see it in person.
  17. wher
    i would need the wilderness smp and the outpost (if there is an outpost)
  18. I just sent you a PM.
  19. ok i didint check that until after i posted srry :)