Piston elevator! 5k + You supply materials (as high as you want!)

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  1. I'm selling a piston elevator for 5,000r. You have to supply the materials, but I can find them and you reimburse me if you like.

    The elevator is fast, and pretty reliable. See a test of it downstairs @7091 (SMP3, also hwilson39-2).

    To ride, simply stand in the middle and click the button.

    So far I have already sold 1 to Joshposh70, and that was a success. Ask him if you want to verify that it is worth the 5k. (It is ;))

    If you're interested, Inbox me (hwilson39) or message me (I'm usually working on my shop pyramid thingy @7229 in SMP3. Which is right across from the elevator res).
  2. Wow. I've been testing out ideas of how to work one of these, I'll definitely be stopping by later.
  3. Oh, and peeking at redstone = stealing 5k :D please don't...

    But feel free to demo it out as much as you want @7091.
  4. Yeah, I know. Thanks for letting me try it out, I'll come check it out later.
  5. I've always thought about building one of these on here, but they're not as reliable on multi-player I believe. Neat idea though :) I remember Psycotick22 had one back in the day.
  6. hmmmm......:D