Pirate Speak (PIRATE)

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  1. Pirate Speak is a language you can choose that is halarious. A list of some of the translations:

    Back to Game- Return Ta the fight, Music-Shanties, Sound- Ocean Breeze, OFF- NAY, ON- AYE, Done- Plundered, Save And Quit To Title- Mark Yer Chart and Abandon Ship, Crafting- Craftin', Furnace- Oven, Chest- Coffer, Repair & Name- Repair 'n moniker, Enchant- Spell Castin', Ender Chest- Tallone's Coffer (pronounced like Tall One's), Stone- Rock, Grass Block- Chunk 'o' Grass, Dirt- Filth, Cobblestone- Pebbles, Oak- Oak, Spruce- Spruce, Birch-Birch, Jungle- Jungle, Wood Planks- Timber Planks, Bedrock- The har'est rock, Sand- Sand, Gravel- Pebbles(again), Ore- Orrre, Gold Ore- Booty, Iron- Steel, Coal- Coal, Wood- Timber, Sponge- Deck Scrubber, Glass- Seeing Object, Lapis Lazuli- Stone of Lazhward, Block- Chunk, Sandstone- Stone o' Sands, Chiseled- Ship--Chiseled, Smooth- Smooth, Wool- Cloth, Red- Scarlet, Slab- Slab, Bricks- Clay Bricks, Bookshelf- Stack o' Knowledge, Moss- Slimy, Obsidian- Rock o' Tears, Stairs- Stairs, Diamond- Shinies, Redstone- Magic, Ice- Frost, Snow- Slush, Clay- Solid Mud, Pumpkin- Gourd Squash, Netherrack- Devil's Rock, Soul Sand- Sand o' the Devil, Glowstone- Brimstone, Jack 'o' Lantern- Jack Sparrow 'o' Lantern, Mossy- Mossy, Cracked- Cracked, Melon- Watermel'n, Mycelium- Ick, Stone Brick Stairs- Fancy Stairs, Nether- Nether, End Stone- Ye Tall One's Stone, Slab- Slab, Emerald Ore- Fool's Diamonds, Emerald Block- Chunk o' Emerald, Wall- Wall

    These Aaarrrrr some of my favarrites:

    Sponge- Deck Scrubber, Bookshelf- Stack o' Knowledge, Redstone Ore- Magic Orrre, Jack 'o' Lantern- Jack Sparrow 'o' Lantern, Painting- Arrrrrrt, Sign- Plat fulla letters, Creeper Head- Creeparr skull, Redstone Repeater- Magic Repeatarrr, Saddle- Pork Rider, Spawn Squid- Whirlpool Kraken, Flint and Steel- Ship's Bane, Diamond Hoe- Shiny Farmin' Stick, Bow- Musket, Diamond Sword- Bejewelled Cutlass, Diamond Boots- Bejeweled Pegleg, Glistering Melon- Fruity Booty, Sugar- Sugarrr, Gold Ingot- Gold Bullion, Gold Nugget- Gold Doubloon
    (Language translations may not be 100% accurate) - (ARRR, pirate be 100% right when speakin')

    If you don't know how to get to this language you press Esc. then go to Options... the to Language... and it should be the 13th one down or 1 above English (US)

    I hope you Landlubbers enjoy.
  2. lol I totally will make a map with with this language installed :p
  3. A map? I don't understand.
  4. A Pirated Adventure Map :p
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  5. Just tell them to change the language to Pirate Speak because you can't save your current language in a world.
  6. Arrr... I best plunder me lingo.
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  7. I like using pirate mostly for the smaller font but having to Change Yer Spectacles and Level 'O Dangerrrrous is also funny to see_
  8. So i take it you aarrrrr enjoying this language?
  9. I find Pirate speak hilarious and offensive at the same time. In my area, we say some of those words and being called a pirate is offensive xD
  10. lol, yeah Pirate is funny... Now I'm not saying this is funnier but try out Australian (Where I come from)... We don't actually talk like that 100% but you know sorta :p
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  11. I also enjoy Australian english although it is very Stereotypical
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  12. Indeed it is, I'm thinking of perhaps making a texture pack for it... HD :D
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  13. I love this language option! I found it by accident and thought it was the best thing ever. Though I somehow ended up after I went back to American English or whatever the setting, I still had a Diamond Axe named Bejeweled Hatchet.
  14. RRrrrrrrrrrr! You wee landlubbers havin' fun wit this? We'll better sharpen my wee hook for more vistors! ARRRAARrrrarrrrArrrARRR!
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  15. Arr, me maties! The sand-diggers-who-think-sand-is-diamond(I made that up.) make me shiver in my boots. but the rest of us ruckus-makers shall have a little fun with mining and slaying the undead. (Man, this is REALLY FUN. Sorry about caps.)
  16. Lol, its like stairs.... er.... stairs. :p
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  17. I think you meant saaarry about the caps.
  18. oh my god. i think my minecraft experience just got a hell of a lot better!
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  19. Arrrent you right :p
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