PIPA and SOPA? How About NOPA!

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  1. Check out the MC Launcher. PIPA and SOPA. Terrible laws that will shut down the internet. Can you imagine the horror?
  2. *One day later*

    SOPA bill renamed NOPA
  3. it wont shut down the internet but it wont be the same anymore
  4. Youtube will be gone. Think about that for a moment.
  5. Youtube will not automatically be gone, just like that. Someone would have to post copyrighted content, and then the company that owns that content would have to complain, which would lead to youtube removing the content, just like usual. From what I understand, the company has the ability to take more legal action against youtube, which would be ridiculous because lots of companys make a lot of customers, and therefore money, on youtube advertising.
  6. I did not want to get involved with another SOPA PIPA thing, but, that is not entirely correct. The above statement is the current way youtube does things. SOPA will enact a a different way of doing things. It punishes the Server (aka Youtube in this example) instead of the user. For example, today if you posted a song w/o copyright permission, and the copyright owners complained to youtube, Youtube would remove the content and warn you not to do it again, and then if it persists, you would loose your account. With SOPA, it would give the US Goverment the power to DSN ban Youtube from all US computers. ALL of them... So because one user posted something that infringed copyright laws, we would all loose legitimate access to the site. Now, with something as big as youtube, this would probably would not happen, however, this gives the Government a card to pull, like "change how you do this, or we block your site" or "Change this About your subscribtion process or we ban your site". It would cause most communities like YouTube to change the entire way it works, because all of the communities would try to prevent this card to be pulled against them. So account approval proccesses will be different, video approval processes will be different. It would all be changed, just to live in the same room as SOPA/PIPA. You guys need to read the actual bills before assuming things like the post above.
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  7. Well... I did read the bill. And the government only has legal authority to take a court order against them, not order them around, and it only happens if they have "criminal copyright infringement, unauthorized fixation and trafficking of sound recordings or videos of live musical performances, the recording of exhibited motion pictures, or trafficking in counterfeit labels, goods, or services." on their site, which youtube does a great job of blocking themselves, through the process that i detailed.
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  8. go to youtube.. type in an movie. Chances are , you can watch it in parts there. Also, before, the court orders, went to the users before, that is the key difference. Now court orders would go to the Site/Server Owner (basically abolishing the Safe Harbor Act). And... With the ability to "Court Order Shutdown" they then have the power to order them around.

    And if your argument was, The Government would never use its ability to Court Order a shutdown as leverage to get what they want from Site Owners. Well, thats a nice thought, however, its naive. The American Government is corrupt, it will use leverage at any turn it can. To get other things that it wants. It all ties in to the "Big Business" Lobbyists wanting more corporate control over the internet. And if you do not believe that SOPA/PIPA has big business influences, then you do not understand the bills.
  9. So basically, you are saying that to stop piracy of a movie, the american government will tell them to change their completely unrelated subscription process on threat of shutting down the site?
  10. Not so much as shut down the site in full terms, but prevent us IP addresses from visitng.