Pilot for my story.

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  1. I am going to make another kind-of-short story. It will be about a person stranded on a island. Most of the ideas are going be based on my time on a island with my friend. Yes, I know a pilot usually is the testing episode for a TV but whatever. Here, is the pilot.

    I have finally made my little hut on this island in the middle of who-the-god-knows-where. I have some food but its running low. The island is a jungle, which means its wet, heard to walk in, and VERY hot. I really hope that I'm on a island near a shipping lane, or I will have to try to make a boat, and even if it floats, I still have no idea which way I would have go.

    Its short, I know, but I am still thinking of more ideas.
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  3. Movies are for the weak..
  4. Some of the best minecraft videos on youtube are island adventures. ;)
  5. Is it MC based?
  6. Yep. Me and a friend are on a little island right now. :)
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  7. Well since your still thinking of ideas for this pilot, its hard to say anything. It sounds like a half completed idea though right now. Can you give a bit more insight?

    (Im sorry if Im being over critical.)