Pilot "episode" of new book series

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  1. Hello EMC, I have decided to write a new book series. Well, not really a book, more of "episodes", so I can write each one with a different plot, but witssh the same characters and same locations. I don't have a name for this yet, and will think of one soon. These might have some ideas and references from the TV show M*A*S*H, as I got inspired to write from watching it to write something similar to it. Now for the test "episode". Hope you enjoy! :)

    P.S: This episode is written in the style of a letter home.

    Dear mom and dad

    I'm starting to wish I didn't open that letter, but how would have I known it was a draft card? Well, now that I'm here, I might as well make it as good as I can. I guess I could have had it worse, I could have been drafted as Infantry instead of a doctor. Now, instead of being blown to pieces, I get to put pieces of other people back together, which if I have to be doing something here, is what I want to do. Its not a glamours job, as this entire hospital is made out of tents, and has to be ready to move at all times, but its a lot better than living in a foxhole. Me and the other doctors and nurses, who I will tell about in another letter home, almost never get a break here. Everyday, soldiers, who some don't look any older than 20, are flown in on helicopters, waiting for someone to save them. I don't see why Canada had to get into the Second Monica War, maybe because the government wanted to support Britain with men. Well, some choppers just came in, got to go to the OR. I will write you again soon. Your son, Captain Gordon "Cowhide" Bradley.
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  2. Interesting "episode"... May want to proof-read, a few mistakes here and there, but i'm interested in more...
  3. Fixed some stuff. :)
  4. Your*
  5. Thanks for very, very great and detailed input.
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  6. Ok ok I admit I like it.
    Do please continue, glad to see something not focused on the Blam Blam Boom parts of military stuff.
  7. Well, here you go.

    *Still no name, so lets just call this "Legit's Story with ideas from M*A*S*H mixed in" for now.*

    "Well that was an interesting eight hours of meatball surgery.", I said to Captain Hennri "Hunter" Wagner, one my only real friends here at the 201st Field Hospital. "It sure was. Kids lucky, most people who come into the hospitals with a piece of shrapnel in the back don't survive, and if they do, don't come out of it in a very good shape. He's lucky he will be able to walk after all of this." said Hunter. He's right, one soldier came in with a piece in his lower back. He couldn't move his legs for five weeks, and then he needed two crutches to walk. I don't know what shape he's in now, but hopefully he can walk with only one now. "Hopefully Indian is going to lay off us after all of this." I say to Hennri. "Indian" is the nickname for Major George Soto. Ever since me and Hunter got here, he hasn't actually been hugging us and wanting to go on adventures with us. He's one of the military "tryhards", which is the name I give to the everything-has-to-be-by-the-book military types. "He won't be, he's at a meeting for the day, won't be back until 12AM." Henrri said with a relief in his voice. "If he was from where I'm from, he would be the town fool." I say. I guess I might go over some of my backstory. I'm from a small town in Alberta Canada called Didsbury. I went to university in Calgary to be a doctor, so I guess I did get that as my job, just not in a place I want to be. Hunter's from Deep River, Ontario. He went to university for a doctor's degree, mostly as a backup plan if his plan of getting into electronics didn't work. His plan didn't fail, but the war decided to start before he could start. "Attention, Attention!" The voice of the announcer comes over the intercom system. "Casualty incoming! All medical staff report to the OR on the double!" " We just can't catch a break, can we Hunter?" "No we can't Cowhide."
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  8. I hope to write a new "episode" each day or two, depending on if I have any ideas. I won't force ideas, as I want this to be of high quality.
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  9. Title for the series will be The 201st.
  10. Looks good but it's 201st just saying there are some mistake I'm just too tired to correct them for you right now sorry.