Pigmen aggro

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  1. Hey there, I have a question ...

    A friend of mine angered the pigmen and they killed him, then they turned to me, though I had not hit any of them. I was just in the vincinity ...

    Is this normal behavior? I've never experienced this in vanilla MC, so is this special to EMC?
  2. It is normal for the pigmen to become angry to all players in the vicinity if hit by any one player. I am not sure that this is special to EMC, though?
  3. In vinalla minecraft, this is normal. Once on LAN at one of my friend get togethers, my friend enderpearled into one near 3 of us-they went agro on all of us :p
  4. Sounds like a party to me! :D
    ...well, except maybe, the imminent death part. :(
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  5. just imagine doing the same thing in a gold farm o.0 12 dozen pigmen =D
  6. That sounds like a rave or epic metal concert, then. :p
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