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  1. Hello my name : Pieter Nel
    Age : 13
    Date of Birth : 10/8/2000
    Nationality: South Africa
    Where do I live : Dubai

    Hey guys im new to the server just 5 days the server is awesome and eem LOL hope we can all be friends and make EMC the best towny server out there.
    and thanks for all the friendly advise and people.

  2. Welcome

    happy mining :)
  3. Hey there! How are ya!
  4. ...
    Your not 14... :confused:
    lol, anyways, welcome.

    And also. One more thing. EMC is not really a towny server. Towny is a plugin you can get on Bukkit. All of our server mods are custom coded. And we only have one town, which is a separate world from all of the natural worlds.
  5. wut

    Welcome! I'm the potato guy
  6. Welcome to the Empire!
  7. Welcome to the Empire! :D
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  8. stalker booz is stalkerish
  9. Look at his birthday. I don't know if they have month or day first in South Africa, but it does matter. He is 13 until either December 8 or August 10.