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  1. Just taking pictures with friends and me doing random stuff! :)

    Enchanting at my neighbors house!

    Chillin in my shop :)

    I was feeding my beautiful cows!

    Looking at my chicken!!

    Watching him give me my stuff..

    And again...

    Heres me and my friends!

    Hes awesome! :)

    Shes cool!

    We tried to take a picture together but it failed :p

    And my face goes through my mask )-:

    Well ill be updating this thread with cool pictures! Want a picture? Just come to my res and ask! :)
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  2. Lol can we do our picture again
  3. I bet everyone went straight to buy diamonds from you lol!
  4. Lol! I actually dont get too many sales at my shop to be honest :/ I sell everything I mine in bulk to people for discounts. i just sold 64 diamond blocks for 14000 at a little less then 25$ a diamond.