Pictures from Lava greif on SMP3

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  1. There is already a thread about this, isn't it?
  2. yes there is.
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  3. Ans I already saw this pic, doesn't I?
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  4. theres a thread? well i posted this so JabrZer0 could see
  5. Yes theirs a thread about this. I wonder if they cleaned it all up.
  6. smp3lava.jpg
    Me and lots of others went out with tons of cobble and water buckets, we did as much as we could.. it's almost fixed but we need a staff member to world edit it. To lighten the mood a bit:

  7. This is pretty bad D: hope this gets sorted soon :D
  8. Just saying, but lots of cobble and smoothstone is worse than lava... It is going to ba a lot harder to clean up...
  9. large amouts of cobble!!!
  10. Yes JustinGuy fixed it.
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  11. Go JustinGuy!
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  12. Justin always help in a time of crisis
  13. how?
  14. Nope
    Its a duck
    Lol jk
  15. Nope
    It's a Tomato.
  16. Well played........
  17. nope, chuck testa. its a me! the no-life 15 year old who has a thing for old gas masks and wears them to walmart to pick up energy drinks and gets told to never come back and then decides to do a facepalm in front of a webcam to show his rage on facebook, where he actually has no friends that are real friends so he deactivates it and moves to google+ because only his geek friends use it, but then stopped using that because too many people where starting to use it. then he did another facepalm with his newest gasmask (actually not that new anymore, i have gotten 3 more since then(5 months ago)) but never put that as his profile picture since it looked like crap.
    wanna see me wearing a gas mask? ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------\
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