Picture of the Day: Contest Will also be Starting "Picmas"

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by bossbaby, Dec 2, 2011.

  1. Hello everyone Its boss with todays Picture of the day! I am a little late And I apoligize. What I think I will start doing is on weekdays I will post at 7:00 eastern standard time and on weekends 1:00 pm I think this gives everyone time to look at it while giving me a considerable amount of time to get a picture togheter. before the picture I will be announcing my first contest called
    "Picmas" Submissions Must be Christmas Themed. So if its your snazzy new candy cane road or a recreation of santas workshop send em in to me! please follow the following guidelines for your submission
    Guidlines Must Read!
    *All submissions must be in code with the Empire Guide
    *Vulgarity is strictly prohibited
    *any innapropriate chat language will not be accepted in the pic. this also includes names or spam. if you press F1 you should be able to remove the chat temporarly to take your pic
    *Send them to me in the message not in the forums post!

    Please follow the guidelines above for your submission to be accepted.

    After I whittle down the top 3 you guys will publicly vote on your favorite! winner will recieve 400 rupees in-game provided by me and user Coletoocool. so send them in you have nothing to lose! if you would like to donate rupees torward the value to gain more for the winner please say so. Submission must be sent in by December 17. Public voting will beging December 22. Winner will be announced and rewarded on the 25th of Christmas. Im expecting to see alot of submissions because its not a contest if we dont have more than 5 people xD. That includes you staff :3. without furder ado I present todays pic! Todays Pic was found on the utopia server a wonderfull place for supporters! if you can afford it please considered it for many benefits. this was on MR2R2M's Residense. I title it "Sheepocalypse he has a entire farm of sheep! red sheep,Blue sheep,orange sheep, even sheep that look like cows! wait a minute.... anyway it seems that we have one white sheep on the run from the farm mingling with some Blues sheepocalypse.JPG