Pickaxes for sale

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  1. So first off I'm selling Diamond pickaxes.
    Efficiency 4 - 900r
    Unbreaking 3- 900r
    Silktouch, Unbreaking 3, Efficiency 4 - 20,000r

    Res number is 10760 on SMP5, the Enchanting shop is on the third floor of the Mall of Secrets.
    Prices can possibly be negotiated down. ;)
  2. got any fortunes?
  3. I wish.. I'm not that lucky!
  4. Just saying but, I got a Fortune III, on my first EMC enchantment.
  5. Silk is more rare than Fortune :O

    Swap? :D
  6. Actually, silk is very useful if you don't have a Fortune (yet). Use silk to get all the diamonds/coal/redstone etc. ores and carry them back with you and keep them in storage until you have a Fortune pick. :)
  7. ohh... maybe i can get 1 right now!!
  8. Believe it or not, if you did pay this much for both to do this, you could make more than what you paid if you used them properly.
  9. Uhm, Max I think you got the res number wrong!

  10. This is assuming you make it back safely. :p
  11. Great, I have A Silk Touch and a Fortune III
    Thx Jeremy
  12. I would like to agree... no shop there! :(