pickaxe inc.!

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  1. hey guys have you been bored huh pickaxe in your chest well thats me lately i,ve been wanting to mine a huge hole for some loots in the ground but that will take for ever so im looking for good not quiting miners please pm me or comment if you would like to be in pickaxe inc. thx ;)
  2. what is your goal in Pickaxe Inc.? Also, do miners keep all they mine? Finally, do miners get paid to help you mine?
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  3. ah yes good questions my goal in pickxe inc. is to be the best mining group but not to be selfish have a big shop of just redstone lapiz gold cobble stone diamonds emeralds basically anything you find underground im looking to have about 3-5 miners including me each miner will put everything in a chest-a lot of chest then we will all split what we all mined say there are 4 miners we mine 60 diamonds each miner will get 15 diamonds as it is fair and for your last question miners will be payed depending on what they mine so 1 stack of cobble = 5 r 1 stack of diamonds = about 10-15k and so on pickaxe inc. will also have a base
  4. btw each miner will have a diffrent job going from town to the mine
  5. honestly i depends on what they mine each miner will have there own 2 large chest then i will check them and see what they mined if its perhaps 32 stacks of cobble then they will get so much do you get it?
  6. also each miner needs to be prepared to walk or ride/boat a ways
  7. Can I become a Miner in Pickaxe Inc.?
  8. indeed Jay_the_miner is also in 6123 is my res
  9. closed miners have been hired me and jay_the_miner
  10. And me?
  11. Attention! This post no longer occurs to the general public, Pickaxe Inc is now run and managed by only myself and spyrovsgnorg.
  12. Sorry Jake, your out.
  13. I thought that Pickaxe Inc. would be some sort of pickaxe making company.
  14. it is that aswell