Pick Axe Fail

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  1. So, I started a new mining operation. My old pick almost gone, I brought another one. So- when my first pick broke I felt proud that I remembered to bring my other Efficiency 4 UB (brand new) pick with me.

    One swing. New pick broke. WTFGGOMG.

    (Not asking for a new pick, just sharing this lovely moment with you all.)

  2. a Video would make this funnier.
    But I guess it was too eficient
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  3. D: That really bites. I think this would probably be worse than your axe/sword breaking and then reappearing like nothing happened.
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  4. This isn't the glitch where your pick breaks then pops back into your inventory again with one hit left is it?

    Also, I was switching between a Fortune and regular pick earlier and managed to throw the Fortune pick into some lava. I'm not sure what causes this - lag or whatever. I've wondered if maybe it's like the chest glitch where my chest closes on me but I think it's still open. I've never been standing next to lava when the thing fell out of my inventory. Rest in peace, Fortune pick.
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  5. I thought it was just a temp glitch too. But I heard the break noise. Danced around for a bit... still nothing...

    X ___ X

    Good thing I'm not a poor Emperian though. :p
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  6. I have thrown multiple enchanted Pickaxes in Lava. On accident of course.

    Instead of Rage quitting - I have the brilliant idea of jumping in after it... Yeah
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  7. MMm, crispy chicken.
  8. Where's the KFC?
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  9. sux 2 be u bro :/
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