Pi Day!

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  1. Everyone, it's Pi day! Celebrate in the streets! Its 3/14! Kiss your wife, hug your children! Have much merriment! Spread the word about Pi and Pi day! It's an amazing day! Also, have a nice day!
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  2. 3.141516 and a load of numbers that follows day?
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  3. How did I forget about pi day? My calculus teacher didn't even bring it up :/ Anyways, happy Pi Day to all!
  4. happy pi day i ask justinguy for free cakes i wonder what he will say
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  5. ya pretty much LOL
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  6. Can I do other stuff to my wife also?
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  7. Considering you are an A.I. no you cant.
    Also, werent you girl?
  8. Well, yes, I wanted to keep this post PG but feel free :p
  9. So cause I'm female means I can't have a wife?
  10. I will not start a discussion around such topics.
    Everyone is free to do whatever they want :)
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  11. Burn Copher
  12. No, thanks.
  13. I memorized Pi to the 31st digit (Somewhere close to that) 3.141592653589793238462643383279!!!!!!!!!!!! On an upside-down keypad i can go up to 68!
  14. Someone in my school today brought in 3 sheets of paper with one million digits of pi in .8 font...
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  15. This person is my new hero
  16. Lol i remember my Pre Al teacher celebrating this last year....All they had was warm gooey apple pie :confused:
  17. this is how much pi i can remember 3.141592658979.