Photoshop Masters

Discussion in 'Shutter Talk' started by MustangLover25, Jun 28, 2015.

  1. Here is a picture that I edited on Adobe Photoshop now here is the original picture.

    Now here is the image after I edited it.

    Now I want you guys to give me your opinion on the picture also feel free to show me some of your edits as long as you show me the original picture to prove it is your edit.
  2. The area around the trees looks fine - but in front of the car, the brightness of the blue is a bit too dim ...

    I feel with this 'darkness' usually individuals have their carlights on - so it doesn't feel that believable ... the sky looks decent, but the heaviness of the blue and lack of red makes it seem not as real.

    Either brighten it a tad - or make the cars lights shine a bit brighter
  3. OK dude gotcha.

    There we go fixed it but the dimness in the blue on the car couldn't be fixed because it is something reflecting off of the car.