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Discussion in 'Miscellaneous' started by Faithcaster, Jul 17, 2012.

  1. Hey guys i need a Photshop saying :
    Faithcaster & ATOMICFARTHEAD's
    Enchanting Store

    and 1 saying
    Faithcaster & ATOMICFARTHEAD's
    Enchanting Store
    2k to the picture creator we are gonna use
  2. Um excuse me. But thats the picture i made for you guys, Dont post it as your own, its not. Please give me credit if you post it.
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  3. IPwnCreeps Made It
    IPwnCreeps any chance you could make a new one where the text is abit more visible?
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  4. Sure, What color do you want the text? That was my ownly probelm :S
  5. And Bigger this time :)
  6. Can I still make one or have you decided on IPC
  7. Well Make one then ill see what i like most
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  8. Actually, Im a bit busy, let Equinox have a shot. If you dont like his ill make mine better tommorow if i have time
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  9. i didn't post it as my own, just went and grabbed it, sorry, ipwndcreeps made it
  10. Do you want each one different?
  11. Hmm
    Make Them The Same Just With The Little Change Orders and Not Orders :)
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    Do you like it?
  13. Haha its freaking EPIC XDD
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  14. I dont really like the Light Green Text Change that to Black :)
  15. I used it no needs to change text color :)
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