Photography by ptero!

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    Hello All!
    Welcome to my photography thread.
    I hope you like it here c:

    I plan on posting several images in series so they are semi-organised, but we'll see how far that goes.
    ( starting next post to keep some sort of per post categorisation )

    I welcome all feedback, positive and negative because that's the only way I'll improve.
    ( keep negative comments to constructive criticism please c: )

    Feel free to ask any questions c: I'll try not to clutter the first post too much.

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  2. All the images in this selection were taken at a 'zoological garden'. It was a rainy day as you'll see in some images.

    One problem is these images consist heavily of animals behind glass. So glare removed the usability on a large selection of photographs.

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    ^Bearded Dragon^
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    ^Snake... Its kinda awkward that I don't know what type isn't it..^
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    ^Laughing Kookaburra^
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    ( made use of curves to remove the lovely UK grey sky and bring out the colours of the peacock)
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    ^Alpaca... or Llama ( I should pay way more attention)^
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    ^............Generic Fish ( I'm really bad at this)^
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    ( I want to take the opertunity to complain about how fish make the glass (which already mess up photographs) speckled and dirty.. Which is really annoying )

    Hope you likey c:
    I welcome and encourage feedback
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  3. Feedback anyone?
  4. Very nice pictures, Jack! I see you watermark your images, which is great and is a good idea, but I'd say try and make the number of marks... less :p I have 4 big ones covering my images, now I'm not saying having 4 is perfect, you can still go for more but I'd say have an experiment with them - remember that you can add some opacity too! Have a play around with it, see what works best :)

    The biggest problem with watermarks is finding the correct balance, between having safe photos and having photos that are still good to view. I found it hard to get my watermarks and only came up with the design I have now after at least a year of different experimenting!

    As for the photos themselves, they're great and I'll be sure to look out for more in the future :D
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  5. Thank you ^.^

    Honestly, my watermark is just tiled over because I am incredibly lazy and its just easy that way.
    The opacity on them go anywhere from 30 - 60 (or something in that range) cause I'm not too sure on how to gauge it.
    In my head I must have gone all the way from questioning the need for a watermark to deciding to paste it on way too much.

    I might try to tamper with it to make the blank space on the pattern a bit larger so, I get a less repetitive and distracting watermark whilst it still remains repeatable across the images I upload.
    Thanks again c:
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  6. Hey All

    I will most likely be posting soonish.
    I don't really know what to upload though, so it might take me a while to either think of something or find some random photographs in my ridiculously badly organised archive-y folder type thing.

    Oh, and I may be developing some film i took maybe a few years ago...
    Using a process I'm not the most familiar with... In complete darkness...

    Not exactly setting myself up well for this, but leave a post if you think i should upload some here (if they don't fail).

    I'm basically just saying that I'm still alive, and I do intend on posting soon c:
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  7. There, i fixed it. ;)
    ps nice photos. :)