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  1. Hello everyone :D. I will be starting something right here that I think will be a fun little idea. I am going to try to upload a picture a day to the forums. Pictures will feature anything intresting or humorous I find while exploring the empire. I hope to maybe have caption contest and photo submissions contest eventually revolving around certain topics. Please keep in mind that I may not actuallly get to upload a photo everyday due to the fact that I cant be on every day. I will have some help from a few people and will try to make up for every day I dont post. Heres Todays Pic. I title it
    "Jesus?" It is a villager on top of the town church in the wilderness east if I do believe. jesus in disguise.JPG
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  2. Great idea. Keep it up.
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  3. Just a tip - Press F1 to remove your GUI before taking a screenshot. Makes things look better. :)
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  4. Hope to see more pics the coming days ;)!
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