Phill <3

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What do you think :D

Soooo cute :D 1 vote(s) 100.0%
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  1. This is Fhill on his amazing first day with his new owner (I bought him for 1,100rupees)

    Here is the Picture of our day out :)
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    View attachment 1613 2012-03-01_18.57.50.png 2012-03-01_18.57.50_2.png 2012-03-01_18.58.29.png 2012-03-01_18.59.03.png 2012-03-01_19.01.16.png 2012-03-01_19.02.19.png 2012-03-01_19.08.39.png 2012-03-01_19.08.42.png
    Last pictures are the two of us at a history trip of residence 3990 <3
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  2. Just Post what you think :D