Pets Destroy Headphones

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  1. Picture this: You own a amazon parrot. You are als on on spring break. Your parrot is sitting outside your computer room. You somehow get hungry and go downstairs to get lunch. Your little brother (who is also on spring break) goes into the room after you are downstairs, leaves the door open and your parrot comes in. He climbs up onto the desk and waits for you. Since you are taking a while, he gets bored. He suddenly spots your succulent headphone wires. He climbs down and compledely destrroys them. When you come back up, you see him destroy the last strand of wire holding on the part you put on your ear. You rip what remains of your earbuds throw them on the ground and take your bird to its cage. You cuss at it a little then you throw the destroyed earbuds on the ground. I think back to all the other head phones that I have owned and think back to all the similar stories.

    A story of my last 10 minutes. Now you share your pet destruction stories!
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  2. May I ask what headphones you have? Ex. Astro A40s
  3. They weren't very expensive; only SkullCandy Ink'd earbuds.
  4. "Succulent headphones wires" xD

    Not one of my things, but when I first got my dog he did decide to rip apart my Dad's best and only pair of steel toe work boots. How he ripped steel apart, I have no idea. On one Halloween, we got my dog a witch toy, it had beautiful neon green hair, like on a tennis ball. So on the way back home on the bus my dog ripped out all the witch's hair... By the time we got home there was neon green fluff all over the bus... -_-
  5. I have a pair of Beats, no pets though.
  6. I laughed at this, When i saw the title i was like "omg he has a dog that hates headphones too!" then i read the parrot part and found it even more hilarious because birds are evil monsters.

    I think i spend around 100 or more dollars a year on headphones alone. If my dog doesn't chew the cord then some how when hes trying to be all cute and cuddly he ends up ripping the headphones out of my computer which then break the wires or something else.

    I finally broke down and bought some expensive 90 dollar headphones that had a really thick cord and are "suppose" to be indestructible up to a certain point. (typically i only go 15$ but this was black friday) so far ive had them since around Thanksgiving and they are still in good shape even after hes got his tail tangled in them and ran across the house, tried to pull them off my head, and rolled on them when they got in the floor.
  7. I once had a dog that ate an entire tree. It wasn't a redwood or anything, but still.
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  8. A poor quality photo of the damage from my poor quality phone.