[petition] mob arena chat spam

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should there be a option to turn off mob arena chat spam?

yes!! finaly!! 8 vote(s) 40.0%
no 12 vote(s) 60.0%
  1. im sick of that mob arena chat spam and i hear alot of other people about it to. so i hope that if enough people let their voices heard here, aikar will add an option to block that annoying chat spam. so if u against that chat spam let ur voice to heard!!
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  2. People at Mob Arena should use local chat, or even better, residence chat, but I see many people who don't, which can be a shame.
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  3. no i mean those messages that tell when the mob arena is gonna be
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  4. Oh, sorry, did not find it that specific. :confused: In that case, no, I think that they should be advertised because they are a staff event, and they want you to attend them so you get good stuff. I guess they could have a toggle? But I do not see why you would not want them. I have survived fine enough for 500 days. :)
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  5. I actually like those. I"m pretty sure it's the main way that people who don't use the forums find out about mob arena.
  6. nvm my vote. I thought you meant something else
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  7. id liek a way to disable them, maybe like the way you can turn off chat status? they are huge and have gotten me killed on more then one occasion cause i couldnt see where i was going
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  8. They are pretty huge and distracting.. A simple one-line message is enough, filling 3+ lines gets ridiculous tbh. This is something that has bothered me for a really long time, hope it gets noticed.
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  9. We have recently initiated a limit of 3-4 lines for these broadcasts which is just enough to get basic info out.
    Please let me know if the broadcasts are still being spammed and I will sort it out. :)
  10. Admittedly, there has to be a limit to them, but of course we have to get the information out and make it noticeable :) so one line just isn't enough haha, then you might say you never even saw it.
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  11. I don't recall what the messages look like but I'm wondering if you couldn't make it just one line by saying Mob Arena, the server, and the time. Then have signs setup at the mob arena itself with the other details like what type of arena it's going to be and what's allowed, etc etc. That would cut down on the length.

    but is it really true that if you do /ch off that you still see the broadcast messages? because that wouldn't make much sense, if I turn chat off it should be off for everything, right?
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  12. Not really.. From what I remember, this comes to mind:

    Come to xxxxxxxx's Mob Arena on SMP5 /v mobarena
    Prizes include xxxxx supporter voucher and xxxx cash and xxxx!
    Be sure to attend, at x:xx xx! You do not want to miss this event!

    The above could easily be compacted to

    Mob Arena SMP5 /v mobarena prize is xxxxx! @x:xx xx

    or at the most:

    Come to xxxxxxxx's Mob Arena on SMP5 /v mobarena!
    Prizes include xxx supporter voucher and xxx cash and xxx! Be there at x:xx xx!

    There are other ways to grab attention. Adding lots of unnecessary text is only driving people crazy, you could just make a couple lines colorful with flashy colors and it's pretty much equivalent.
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  13. As annoying as you might think think it is, that is pretty much the point of a broadcast, to grab your attention, to convey across information. If you haven't noticed the broadcast, then it hasn't done it's job. And the facts are that one or two line wont do the job, it's pretty much just a chat message lol
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  14. Like I said, I guarantee you will get a very similar result from a colorful 2-liner.
  15. I think you (or another staff member) should close the poll. It is mostly useless even if you have read the first post, and will only show incorrect data.
  16. Noted, but not sure how to better balance distraction vs grabbing attention.

    Would not want to turn it off, in case there is an important update info or something that everyone NEEDS to see.
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