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  1. if you have been shooting or in some military or army related area I need help! I am basing my Personal Project with Australian Army, and the Snipers, with the Navy, Air Force, Army and Cadets included. I want to also do some practical hands on experiment or where I can go shooting. I can shoot at my farms with the .22's and 12 gauge shotgun. My idea so far is

    Intro on the Australian Military History.
    information on Navy, Army, AirForce and cadets.
    A lengthy area on Snipers in the Australian Army, and the United States Marine Corp as we are teams, and they have a huge sniper program, with some of the best snipers. I also want to have some information here on some other huge snipers like "The White Death" With 505 confirmed SNIPER kills, and the only Non Soviet Sniper in the top list of Snipers, and some other amazing feats like Carlos crawling in 1963 for 3 days with Enemy patrols arms reach away to make a shot and kill a general and evade discovery.
    Then the hands on part, this is where I also need a bit of help, what should I do for the hands on area?!

    If you can please reply and help that would be great!

    Thanks a ton! I am also wanted to get in the Army, and eventually become a sniper! Please reply about what study you need to do and the fitness level, or link me to some sites about it. It means a lot to me! I'm 15 and I really want to help serve my country, my personal project teacher respected me for it as well. Please, and also if there are any shooting drills with the .22 I can do to help me with my life goal, please reply! If you are interested in my project, feel free to skype with me and help me!

    NOTE: All help given that I have used will be going in the credits. If you do NOT want to be in the credit I can just say a mate or buddy through skype, or Yahoo answers, confirmed with other sites. Thanks a lot guys! If I die in a war, it will not be for at LEAST 6 years. But if I do, I know some mates on EMC that WILL notify you guys. I will also notify you if I am going away. Thanks for the help, I respect all on EMC That is in any military branch for ANY country, it is a big honour. Especially Australian And American Troops, you have served us well, I know a few players family and friends have died in battle, I have family and friends too. Thanking you!
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  3. advice: learn your weapon
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  4. Yep! Going to be shooting every saturday for 4 hours, 3 in Light, 1 in dark with the .22 and with my uncle and shoot rabbits etc, then go to a higher callibre in the Army
  5. Cool idea
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  6. Thanks!