permissions for 'Egging' our residences

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Should there be permissions for 'egging' peoples residences?

YES! It gets annoying! 8 vote(s) 47.1%
NO! I love free chickens :D 9 vote(s) 52.9%
  1. Hello. I have had trouble with lots of people 'egging' (throwing tons of eggs) my residence, spawning tiny baby chicks all over my residence. This looks like it is a trouble for more than just me, look at podkid7's residence. it is crawling with chickens! I think we should have egging permissions to stop people egging my residence! I get it people may want free chickens, but i only want them in a farm, not my shop!
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  2. Free chickens are good...
  3. I get that, but they are annoying when there are LOADS in my shop! I have set up a stand for people to throw spare eggs, hop that'll stop them
  4. Possible.Use a stick on them.To capture or to kill
  5. Yeah more chickens means more eggs, exp and resources
  6. yeah :) Everyone egg my residence please :D
  7. But I was saying I don't like having to wait for them to grow up/ have to find the little things so I can brutally murder them with my enchanted diamond sword.
  8. Baby chicks don't give exp or feathers or food or lay eggs.
  9. Sure, i have about 5 inventories worth of eggs, i could sure use some around your shop (if you have one)
  10. As i said, I have too many eggs.
  11. It should be a extra flag that people can use it could stop splash potions bow n arrows snowballs and of course chicken eggs and with 1.2 i would imagine the people may use the flame charges (may be flash not sure) to burn down peoples res by firing them across plots
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  12. Thats what I was trying to point out.
  13. JEESUS!!
  14. you'd never guess how many people I suspect to be pyromaniacs.
  15. I tried to fix this. The only thing I could do is make it so you can only throw an egg standing in a res you have build perms in, however there is no sane way for me to track where the egg will land and apply permission to that...
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  16. Yeah or imagine a diamond supporter an automatic TNT cannon and spread chaos!
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  17. I sure do have a shop it's residence 4373 :D Not to find my sticks :D
  18. make sure you don't kill the chicks, as they take a while to grow :D
  19. Noooo! my egg donation place will be useless ):