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  1. So everyone knows we have groups for PvP, events, and all sorts of cool things EMC has to offer but why not have a group such as smp5 10006 fish club yes I know theres a way to do it through the forums but wouldnt it be easier just to do it in the game instead having to switch every couple seconds if your trying to throw a company party I think it would be a ton easier just to have a group inside the game where you can do something like the vault where you can do /vault 1 instead /group 1 and so on. Basicly a group thats like a vault but instead of it storing space it just shows peoples name and everyone in that group can have access to certain stuff instead of having to do /res pset move 100 times or /pay (username) 100 times. So a group for ease aka better experience:D
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  2. So clans or groups?
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  3. I don't quite get what your saying... A vault for groups? Couldn't you just set up chests? Or is that not the idea? Please explain more if possible ;)

    Edit: Explain it so my small pokemon brain and will understand :3
  4. He's essentially saying that you can store players into groups, and type /gp 1 to see what players are in it. This would be represented by their player heads inside of a vault like gui. The max amount of players allowed in a group would be 54. Not a bad idea, especially if you just wanna type /gp invite to mass group invite people into a /c g.
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  5. "Permanent groups" are what Empires will be. It's one of the next major features.
  6. Ya