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i was banned by ISMOOCH tried contactiong didnt answer. Do yall think i have the right to be heard?

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  1. I was banned by ISMOOCH for bing rude/refusing a player i have never gotten in trouble and got immediate permban. I know this is the incorrect way to appeal it but ISMOOCH wont reply. I have offered to donate, apologize, and give all my money to the person I refused.
  2. This will ruin your chance of EVER being unbanned, just wait he will eventually reply.
  3. 1. You probably arent getting an appeal because you tried to bribe them. Bad mistake.
    2. You should ALWAYS apologize, not just do it when you want something.
    Both of your mistakes are probably reasons as to why he denied/didnt answer you directly. Although i suspect he did.
  4. Well the way to appeal a ban for breaking our rules is to start a conversation with the moderator that banned you. You have already done that. Now you should stand by and await your response from him. The moderators aren't robots you know. They aren't all always on-line and can't always be there at the exact moment in which you might need them. So please respect that and be patient until you hear from ISMOOCH.
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