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  1. I was thinking about this and thought it would be an a major plus doing this.
    So when you sign up to EMC, become active in-game but are not a supporter.
    I think that if you are here for a year or more and stay on the same res you got Day 1, that would be a permanent res for you.
    Meaning it can not be derelict at all, but if the res is unclaimed or you are banned(perma) than you lose the permanent res status.
    This would be for non-supporters of course or people who let their support status run out.
    Just a thought.
  2. Kinda good, but if they go derelict after a year, its a big problem
  3. I think maybe that rather than becoming outright permanent, maybe the derelict policy could gradually extend so that you can afford to be absent for a long period of time. Maybe after a year you would have a 90-day derelict refrain or something of that sort. Cuz as woodwindz said if someone were to play for a year without really building anything (just come on every week or two) then go AWOL for another year, it isn't really justifiable to allow someone's residence to stay there permanently just because they played more steadily as opposed to someone who builds something fantastic very quickly but isn't on long enough to get the permanent status, eventually losing their much more beautiful residence to derelict policy. Having a steadily-increasing derelict status would allow the other builder to keep their creation while the otherwise-permanent player who has retired from Empire permanently will have their residence reclaimed and given to a new player who now has space to build where there otherwise might not be any due to the amount of permanent residences.
  4. If you are active this isn't needed, you can ask to have your res be kept for a certain period of time, and now you can just vote to reset the derelict.
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  5. The only problem is sometimes things come up and it's hard to give notice about your res. Something you might not think about for an example. I know it's happened to a few people of late, they left for a while and find all their stuff gone and res taken.
    But Rainer, I do like that 90 day idea and would help as well.
  6. yis
  7. I don't think this is really necessary, everyone knows about the derelict policy, and given that voting now resets it you can do it anywhere with a web browser. If you happen to be going outback for a few weeks with no internet access, you can always pm a mod before you go and let them know. If you forget, that's really your fault, but chances are it will still be here when you get back anyway, unless someone force claimed it or the servers got really popular all of a sudden kicking the auto reclaim system into gear.
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  8. vote once every 2 week set a reminder on something not that hard tbh, 2 mins out of the 21600 mins you have to prevent your res from going derelict. best 2 mins spent IMO
  9. As has been said before, this really is not necessary. There's three simple ways of keeping your res. You can either log in every 14 days. You can vote every 14 days, or you can message the senior staff on the site and inform them of how long you will not be able to get online, and they'll protect your res for you.