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Discussion in 'Empire Help & Support' started by Sawslasher, Dec 22, 2012.

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  1. Hey I was 'permanently banned' over 8 months ago (I think around then) and i was wondering if there was any chance of me getting un-banned (I know i was permanently banned) I just want to play again. Thank you.
  2. Wrong way to appeal, please pm a mod...
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  3. Please pm the moderator who banned you. That is the correct way to appeal a ban.
  4. This is no way to appeal a ban, I would PM a senior staff or any mod to sort this out. Since you posted this your chances of getting un-banned have greatly diminished.

    Edit: Ninja'd >.>

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  5. Not the correct way too find out.. You need to send a PM to the mod who banned you if you dont know who did then message one of them. ill tell you it all depends on how many times youve been banned and what it was for.
  6. .... why do you guys all hate the no reply line?
  7. I think we were all writing at the same time XD
  8. Well, being that he was banned 8 months ago, so he doesn't know of how the new system works, and this isn't a ban appeal, I would let him go on this one. :)
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  10. This is by far not a new system? Its always been this way :p

    Anyways.. thread locked.

    Also, PM me, as I am the moderator who banned you.... Good Luck.
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