Periodic Reset Areas

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  1. Can i travel to another Periodic Reset Area in the wilderness to spawn there next time I die or when I write "/wilderness"?
  2. Theres only 5 periodic reset areas for the wild one for main spawn and 4 for the four outposts.
  3. you can build a bed, sleep in it, and you will spawn there when you die. but for /wild no it only goes to middle, then you walk to the teleporter (its really close) to port to another one.
  4. just note, if you place in the wild, if someone destroys your bed you wont spawn there. so hide it
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  5. Thank you! I'm going to try that :)
  6. I would suggest building 2 beds, one hidden and one on display. Sleep in the hidden one, and if the display one is destroyed you are still safe. 'One for them to find, one for you to keep' :)