'Perhaps a server is already running on that port' fix?

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  1. So, i'm setting up my Minecraft server, and my IP is port-forwarded. Whenever I enter my IP into the .properties file and run the server, I end up with a message that says
    Does anybody have a fix for me?
  2. Is it the external IP? (such as from www.whatsmyip.org) or is it your internal (IPv4 address) in the .properties file. Also, if your IP is not static it will change about daily and is a big hassle. So:
    1. make sure its your IPv4 address
    2. change your IP to static
  3. 1. Don't have anything on the IP In the server.property files under IP:
    2. Have a Uniqe port
  4. I just learned how to static my IP, I couldn't connect to ANYTHING. So I had to go back to find an IP automatically.
    Any other way to do this?
    Last time I checked, changing the port will break the server.
  5. Ok, unless you want a server that ransoms can join, do this. If you want one just for your friends and you,you need to setup a hamachi and get yours friends to connect to it. I figured it out and it's really easy now.
  6. This server is for the EMC Olympics. Therefore, I need around 30 slots, and the server to be port-forwarded.
  7. Here, ill tell you how to do it without wrecking the internet connection:
    1. Go to "Network and Sharing Center".
    2. Left click on your network.
    3. Click "Properties".
    4. Double- Click on "Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4)"
    5. Select "Use the following IP address:"

    *OK heres where i need to know your default gateway, The IP you type in in your browser to get to your router settings*
    tell me this then ill tell you what to do for the rest.
  8. I've sent you a PM.
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