PERFECT(MAX) lv. 50 enchanted diamond pick axe - Fortune, Efficiency and Unbreaking!

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    • Bidding starts at 25.000 rupeess
    • Bid goes up with 10% of the rupees from the last bid (If current bid is 21000 the minimum bid would be +2100)
    • The pickaxe is ofc. brand new - and it will be delivered on smp1.
  1. Sexy! :p Sorry I Dont Got That Much xD
  2. Was indeed lucky! Took me ages to get it - had to level up 2x for lv 50!

    But yeah - it is indeed damn sexy! :D
  3. Hell Yeah :D I wish i had something like that.... -_-
  4. I only have 8k.... Better luck next time S_R_L_B!
  5. What a shame mate :)!
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  6. u make me feel like a hobo s_r_l_b... i got like 800r xD
  7. :O Yeh. I tend to do that XD
  8. What is it upgraded in, like Unbreaking III or IV or ? what?

    Anyways , i bid 25 k!
  9. Hey,

    its not an upgrade - its solo enchant and perfect.

    around 0.01% chance at lv. 50 (I will document this when i get home from my mothers birthday later tonight)

    And Owned_Emil99 has got the lead on 25k.

    Edit: i am expecting this auction is niche - and will rise soon.
    I will put a BO (BuyOut) on it when there have been 5 bids or more.
  10. I need it fast!
  11. Is it 25k or just 25r
  12. 25 000 Rupees is MY bid......
  13. There is no rush on this item...

    Its 100% perfect and it wont go for 25k, thats just the start price.
  14. BO, 50k

    No offers in priv please - keep it here mates.
  15. Anonymous offers CAN be send to mu inbox!!
  16. Cant i just get in now, i am maybe going to my cabin in under two hours , If i get it Right NOW, you can have 28 000 Rupees!!!!!
  17. Ok, 34 K , My last offer!!
  18. As i said, im not even home atm...

    Wont be home untill 9 pm gmt +1
  19. Owned_emil99 in the lead.