Perez's One Year Event!! August 2016

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Will you be coming?

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  1. Hello Everyone! My one year on EMC will be coming up soon in August and it has been amazing being part of this server! With that being said I will be hosting an event in which I will be giving away many prizes and in some activities like a scavenger hunt and a drop party! I'm Looking for experienced builders and experienced redstone builders! Please reply to me in game or here!
    Thanks -Perez :D
  2. Count me in!

    -Inferno's Building&Renovations
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  3. I could help with the building. It just depends on what the type of build it will be. :D
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  4. will donate a help
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  5. I have lots of iron & slime if you need :)
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  6. That would be awesome! Accepting donations at /v 10935
  7. Good Job making it to one year :)
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  8. It always good to see members get that far
  9. Yeah, it was good in our long run
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  10. Well, with your shenanigans I am affiliated with all of you.

    Good Job!
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  11. Would love to help! I made a game you can use if you want.
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  12. Awesome I'll pm you so we can discuss it!
  13. Just look for barnyard blitz under public member events
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