Percy Annie and Nico

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  1. This is a res (10372) that has statues of the following people:
    - Lilyrox55
    - colepuncher
    - dee6983

    *please note that 2 statues are still in progress.
    Pictures: of the finished ones:

    2014-12-23_17.48.37.png 2014-12-23_17.48.42.png 2014-12-23_17.48.49.png
    Cole is best viewed in this texture pack.
    More to come! (Dee and lily's (Nico and annie's) are still not done. They will be soon hopefully.
  2. Her name is Annabel, not Annie. Get the names right, Mr. D.
  3. I call her annie
  4. Looks cool
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  5. Her name is Annabeth. Mah gawds people.
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