People who ask to be unbanned on the forums should be site-banned.

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by Mrlegitislegit, May 5, 2012.

  1. Title says it all. If their to lazy to read the rules and how to appeal a ban, why should they be allowed to appeal a ban. They could still E-mail mods about it, if the mods will allow it. Please tell me what you think! :)
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  2. Its hard writting to the admin that banned you if the ban message doesnt have a name..

    I think the ban message could be done better, and the proces of appeal done faster and easier then it is now.
  3. You can message any moderator about a ban. They'll help you get in touch with the right one. You don't have to know who banned you in order to appeal, so I think that's a bad excuse, generally.
  4. So in turns of the procedure we want the banned people to take the time of several moderators before coming in contact with the right one?

    Im pretty sure there is alot that can be done with the ban/appeal system - i've never needed to appeal anything, but the masses could be right here - its just to complicated and hard to find the needed info..

    And towards the "You can write to any mod" all the topics being closed due to ban appeal will be closed off with "contact the moderator that banned you by clicking his name bla bla bla"

    And im not trying to excuse anyone, anything or any action done against EMC - im just saying that there is always something that can be done better - instead of using all the hours a week closing topics and redirecting ban appeals to the right admin/mod. it might be wise to sit down and think about "what to change" instead of just saying that the many many people that appeal about their ban should "learn to appeal the right way".

    Its getting old reading the same old stuff every single day - UNBAN ME! -> This isnt the right way to appeal -> How i do then? -> Contact bla bla bla -> Topic Closed.

    Its waste of time - waste of minecraft - and waste of harddisk space! :rolleyes:
  5. While you are correct and there is always room for improvement in even the most ideal system, the small amount of appeals that do wind up on the forums are only a percentage of the amount appeals actually received. Yes, there could be a way to make a change to benefit the efficiency of the ban appeal system. However, around 80% of the appeals made are done right the first time. You just dont see them. You only know about the ones that do post.
  6. I agree, that could indeed be true.

    But gosh you guys must have a lot of appeals then - cause all the ingame spam and forum posts ^^

    Keep the ban-stick in your erhm.. pants? :D
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  7. would you rather us leave the players that cause trouble or get rid of them in game have to deal with a couple of threads that are misplaced?
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  8. :rolleyes: Yes!

    They call me the whiner on SMP1 cause i always whine about people that cause trouble so yes - please dont ban them! I just LOVE having them there to ruin me when i watching my melons grow! :p
  9. The main reason we want the ban appeals to be in private conversations is because we often need to ask questions to gather more information about things like intent and whether there were others involved. It's important that we maintain some level of confidentiality to protect the innocent. Private conversations allow confidentiality while also giving us unlimited space without interruptions from the community.

    Each of us is expected to act as police, judge, jury, and executioner. That may seem like an awesome power, but it can also be a daunting task. We were each chosen for our role because none of us wants to get the wrong guy. Likewise, we want all of the players in good standing (which everyone is until an actual ban determination is made) to feel comfortable being around the rest of the community--which is where the privacy really matters.

    Aside from the uninterrupted privacy, there's nothing inherently wrong with threads being about ban appeals. If the thread title is something like My ban, ban appeal, or hey i was banned for no reason, one doesn't have to read that thread if they don't want to waste their time.

    Finally, I don't think there are many moderators who have any problem with helping direct an appellant to the correct moderator. Plus, then we're part of the semi-private conversation so we get to read how other moderators handle things.
  10. Edmund hit the nail on the head.

    When someone pm's me about a ban I haven't issued, it honestly does not bother me at all adding the correct moderator to the conversation. It takes 1 minute to reply and add them to the conversation. Also, at least that person has realised how the appeal system actually works. You do not have to ALWAYS contact the right mod, however some of them actually do. And like Edmund said, it can be nice to see how other moderators handle appeals for different things.

    And as for the forum posts, it takes approximately the same time to reply then lock the thread. Not everyone on the Empire is inherently familiar with the forums and how they and ban appeals work. They may not have seen that thread yet ;]
  11. Off topic, please excuse: Out of curiosity, do any of the people that post on the forums with ban appeals actually get un-banned? And what percent of people do get un-banned?
  12. I've unbanned people who started their appeal on the forum provided they ultimately do it the right way. I really don't mind the attempted appeals on the forum nearly as much as I dislike the people who try to appeal on my profile. It clutters up what is supposed to be MY profile and I just delete it anyway.

    Seriously, most of the staff is all about second chances so I think most of us actually like lifting bans. That being said, there has to be a valid reason for us to lift a ban since usually there have either been a lot of infractions leading up to a ban or one very egregious infraction. I also like to believe that we're all pretty good at seeing through a con. Also, as I always advise people when I reinstate them, they are very unlikely to get a third chance.
  13. Oh wow, I thought they would never get un-banned after that.
  14. Posting on the forums for help isn't a negative thing. We have proper way we prefer it to get done and if they do it on the forums, we simply inform them of the more organized way. No need to be a jerk to them about it.

    It's actually one of my pet peeves. I hate when someone asks for help on a forum and someone replies with: "Why don't you google it?" or "Search the forums before asking this." 99% of the time they could have easily of just answered the person instead of being a jerk an making them search longer. Who cares if there's more than one post that has an answer to a question. That's just more likely the next person will find it.
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  15. The only time a person doesn't really have a chance to get unbanned when posting on the forums are those people who post hate threads towards us for catching them doing something wrong and proceed to be quite nasty and disrespectful in the thread. Then they have a 0% chance with their appeal. Well .. they definitely do with me anyway. And the people who go to your profile and harass you on there instead, swearing at you and what not. They never stand a chance either.
  16. NO, by all means, get rid of the trouble makers!!! There is much MUCH more someone can do in-game to annoy you then having to view a few redundant posts OUT of the game! Id rather you swing that ban-stick all over the place, if it land's on a few not so guilty people every once in awhile, a proper ban appeal will set it right.